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Rachel has been my health coach for about 3 months now, and I am beyond excited by how much my eating habits have changed. I had a baby in May and went back to work in September. My eating habits prior to baby were not great, and now that all my extra focus was on him, I was unable to know where to even begin to change. I tried a few things, but no matter what, just a few days after grocery shopping, I’d be clueless of what to eat every time mealtime came around. Rachel met me where I was, helped me define my goals, and broke everything down so simply. She gave me resources that made meal planning, shopping, and prepping a no-brainer. She checked in with me every week as I needed and helped me in areas that I was slipping in. I am completely shocked at the difference this has made in my life. I never thought I would be doing this well in eating, prepping & cooking for my family, let alone so quickly. I love seeing my grocery cart every week & knowing that there is a plan for prepping all those delicious healthy ingredients. I love having a fridge stocked with the week’s breakfasts and lunches, ready to eat/pack for work. I no longer wonder at each mealtime “what are we going to eat?!” Rachel’s coaching has taken away my worries and has empowered me to provide nutritious and easy food. Her coaching has helped to free time and energy for other productive things in my life. Thank you so much Rachel, and I’m so excited to see what else I can do with your help!

~ Jennifer

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