Three Benefits of Mindfulness

Maybe you’ve come across mindfulness in the devotional or new age section of bookstores, as part of a yoga video or class, or in various health and wellness stores. You may already know that there are many different aspects to mindfulness, including meditation. What you may not know are the benefits of mindfulness in your life. If you’re wondering if it’s just too much effort and not enough reward for that involvement, consider these three benefits of mindfulness in your life.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

There are several techniques in mindfulness that can help with anxiety and stress reduction. Breathing techniques, meditation, and mind mapping are just three of these methods. The key point to remember with each of these methods is that they benefit you by helping you refocus and reduce the triggers in your life. They help you sort out the issues that you would normally stress out over and eventually have anxiety over. Mindfulness can also help you cope with future issues so you can avoid that immediate anxious reaction and reduce your anxiety regarding the situation.

Body Acceptance

You may not automatically think about body acceptance when you think of mindfulness. The truth is, body acceptance can have a big impact on your stress and anxiety and how you view the world around you. Over time, by using meditation and other techniques, you may dig deeper into what is triggering your body-related issues, including obstacles and unhealthy options you may turn to when you’re feeling stressed. Once you begin working with mindfulness techniques you’ll likely start to gain a better appreciation for yourself, your body (and mind) journey, and where you are in the moment.

Life Acceptance

Sometimes we just aren’t happy with our lives. We aren’t happy with different aspects that we feel we can’t change and must simply deal with. (I have a feeling there’s a lot of that going on now due to COVID-19.) This can lead to depression and other issues, including body issues.

Mindfulness can help you find gratitude for the little things in your life, address issues and people in your life that are toxic, and find ways to keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t with a sense of grace and acceptance. This path can lead us to better life acceptance as well as an ability to accept events for what they are in that moment.

These benefits are just a starting point for mindfulness in your life. I have a feeling a host of other benefits will start to reveal themselves to you as you become deeper and more involved in the process.

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