Develop a Morning Routine to Combat Stress

Did you know that developing a good morning routine can save you from unnecessary stress and anxiety? 

When everyone in the house is struggling to get to work or to school on time without a plan or schedule, not to mention fighting over the bathroom or doing battle over the cereal for breakfast, it can be utter chaos. 

This is just ONE REASON I’m a fan of having a morning routine. It has literally set me free from all that stress.

What Would a Good Morning Routine Mean to You?


For you, it could mean the difference between stopping at a fast-food joint on the way to work … and having a freshly blended smoothie because all the ingredients were ready-to-go.

It could mean the difference between dragging your body “through the motions” … and feeling ENERGIZED to take on your day because you did a few minutes of stretching and movement before your shower.

It could mean the difference between waking up in “reaction” mode … and leading the day with intention and purpose.

And it could also mean the difference between falling short on your health and wellness goals … and CRUSHING them.


It took me a while to figure this all out, though. I used to think routines were restrictive and stressful …  but now I know they are just the opposite.

Getting Started 


The thought of creating a morning routine can be daunting for many people, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s exactly why I want to make it easy for you. By taking a few minutes to plan your morning routine, you can easily make your mornings more enjoyable, memorable, and stress-free for yourself and your whole family. 

Routines that set you free:

  1. are simple and

  2. are tailored to fit YOUR life and goals.

This leads me to a great mini-assignment for you to try out!

→ What are 1 to 3 small things you can do tonight – that take 5 minutes, TOPS – to make tomorrow morning easier (and a little healthier)?

Need some ideas to get started? Get your clothes ready, put your workout bag by the door, prep your breakfast and lunch – or maybe help your children (if you have any in the house) do that?

Now … tonight, make it happen!

To really ramp this up and make it a habit, do these things right after you eat dinner. That way they’re done and out of the way, and you can enjoy the rest of the evening.

Developing good morning routines and then sticking to them is an important step to relieve your stress. Without an intentional morning routine, the rest of your day can feel disorganized and like you’re living in “reaction” mode.

It’s also important to remember that we all have off days, so don’t beat yourself up or give up your morning routine just because you fail to follow it some days. Life gets in the way sometimes but try to get back to your routine as soon as possible. You will see a noticeable difference in your stress level as well as your overall wellbeing when you start your day with intention and purpose. 

Ready to make a change and put together your own routines that work for YOU?

Download Your Good Morning/Good Night
Ritual Guide Today!

In order to create a morning ritual you will actually stick to, you need to PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE.

So how do you customize a morning and nighttime routine to fit your goals and lifestyle?

Step 1. You download a free copy of my "Good Morning, Good Night Ritual Guide” Below.

Step 2. You fill out the accompanying workbook to fit your goals, schedule, and lifestyle. 

Step 3. You go to bed and wake up with less stress, more confidence, and a ton of momentum for the day!

Just click below and tell me where to send your free copy 👇

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