Three Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

Do you ever struggle with committing to a regular meditation practice?

What about calming your mind?

Keep reading to learn three steps that will help you to finally stay consistent with your meditation practice!

three steps to start a meditation practice

Three Steps to Start a Meditation Practice


STEP #1. Decide on a time and place. Make your daily meditation time a priority. The best way to start and maintain a meditation practice is by incorporating it into your daily routine. Schedule a set time once a day for your practice. You may find that it’s easier to stick with your practice if you do it first thing in the morning before other tasks and responsibilities get in the way. Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable holding space for your meditation practice at lunchtime or even before bed.

STEP #2. Find a comfortable position. It can be a challenge for many of us to maintain an upright seated posture, so try elevating your hips with a blanket or bolster, sitting in a supportive chair with your spine straight, or even lying down (although your chances of dozing off are much higher lying down! 💤).

STEP #3. Give yourself permission to start small. Start with just one minute and work your way up to twenty minutes or more. Trust me on this! I tried to start with 20 minutes right off the bat and I wasn’t ready for it. I dreaded my daily practice and in no time my mind was drifting off to all the other things I “should” be doing instead. So give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the time you’ve scheduled for meditation. You can use tools, breathwork, or a mantra/focus to help guide your meditation, but that isn’t necessary. When your mind wanders, simply notice it and gently guide it back to your breath. An app like Calm or Insight Timer can be a helpful tool. 

A 5-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

Stress is normal. It happens to all of us. It’s just a matter of how you relieve that stress, and I’m here to give you a simple and effective way! This 5 minute meditation is exactly what you need to get your day back on track! Check it out: 5 Minute Meditation for Stress Relief.

If you prefer a guided meditation experience, get into a comfy position and try my Morning Motivation Meditation below. 

Check out my Morning Motivation Meditation

Join me for a 10-minute morning meditation to motivate and inspire you to make it a beautiful day.

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