A Simple Technique to Relieve Stress

A Simple Technique to Relieve Stress
Today I want to share a simple technique to help you relieve stress. As we navigate the busy holiday season, this is a great strategy to help you slow down and enjoy every moment.
Let’s take a quick dip into mindfulness by using a technique called “STOP”.
The STOP technique is a four-step mental checklist that takes less than a minute, but it can pay off with less stress, more awareness, and a deeper sense of being “in the moment” rather than being caught up in your thoughts (or on your phone).
A Simple Technique To Relieve Stress
Here’s how to practice the STOP technique:
  • Stop what you’re doing
  • Take a few breaths to center yourself and feel more present
  • Observe yourself without judgment: emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, etc.
  • Proceed with greater awareness
While you’re in observer mode, try not to get too caught up in what it all means.
Instead, simply take a step back and note what’s going on. (Is the room cold? Are your shoulders tense? Are you clenching your jaw? Are you content or worried? etc.)
You might find that this technique helps you be more intentional about how you respond to what’s happening around you.
I love this technique because you can practice it anytime, anywhere. Aim for 2-3 “STOP” breaks every day this week and see how you feel. 
Nurturing your mental health begins with your daily habits and routines. Check out my recent post where I shared some things to consider, both with the types of habits you want to minimize as well as new healthy routines that can improve your mental health.
Want to learn more simple and effective strategies to feel healthier, more energetic, and more radiant – in body and mind?

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