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Maybe you’re here because you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed … you want to get in better shape and improve your relationship with food and have more energy to do what matters most…

And you think it’s just not possible to live a life filled with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

But I’m here to tell you something different…

It IS possible.

I know it – because I struggled with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm for a long time, too. I wanted to take better care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, but I didn’t know where to start.

I’ve struggled with high anxiety and low confidence. I became a perfectionist because I was so insecure that I feared disapproval from others. Low self-esteem combined with high anxiety led to an intense dissatisfaction with my own appearance and depression. My poor body image led me to try a variety of different fad diets over the years, none of which were sustainable or healthy long-term, let alone necessary. But each failed diet attempt made me feel like a failure.

When I committed to incorporating mindful movement into my routine, it was literally life changing. Walking and jogging became a moving meditation and gave me time to process my thoughts. Pilates and strength training gave me a greater sense of personal strength and empowerment. I felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I was introduced to yoga over twenty years ago and was immediately hooked. Yoga helped shift my focus away from my external environment and directed it towards my own journey inward, my own body-mind connection. It helped me to feel a deep sense of gratitude for everything my body was capable of. I felt less stressed and anxious and more connected to what was actually going on around me. My quality of life improved drastically.

Yoga led me to meditation, mindset, and mindfulness practices which led me to a deeper trust in myself – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I learned to trust my intuition and discovered the power and freedom of Intuitive Eating and letting my body be my guide.

My experiences were so liberating and empowering, I just knew I had to share them with others. I wanted to provoke powerful, positive feelings for others, just like yoga, mindfulness practices, and intuitive living have done for me. Since then, I’ve had a magnetic pull to the wellness industry.

So, if you’re wanting to live a life filled with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and you’re ready to push forward toward your goals… work with me to discover simple and easy-to-implement solutions to dramatically REDUCE STRESS, IMPROVE YOUR MOOD, and BALANCE YOUR BODY AND SPIRIT in just minutes per day…

If you’ve been ready for a transformation, but couldn’t find the right person to guide you to it, I’m here to be the difference in your life and help you find the answers you’ve been searching for.

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Let's hop on a no obligation call to see if we're a great match so I can help you the way I've helped myself and my clients.

Work with Me

online courses

Online Courses

You’re busy. I get it!

I’ve designed my online courses with you in mind!

You’re in the right place, my friend! I’ve designed a variety of mind-body courses that take you on a journey into mindfulness, stress relief, and an exploration of holistic body, mind, and soul health.

1:1 coaching

1:1 Health Coaching

If you’re looking for more personalized coaching and accountability with a detailed plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals, then this is the perfect program for you! With one-to-one coaching, we will clearly define your goals, create a plan of action customized for you, and then work together to make it happen.


Regularly practicing yoga has countless advantages, from increased focus to heightened flexibility. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what fits your schedule and lifestyle. 

I also offer 1:1 sessions as well as yoga for your special event. Contact me to learn more.

My Big Bold Promise to You!

It’s my passion to motivate and empower busy professionals to take back their life through an integrated approach that teaches them how to nourish their body from the inside out and shift their mindset so they can stress less, improve their mood, and balance their body and spirit in just minutes a day so they have the freedom and energy they need to live the lifestyle they want.


Want my weekly mindfulness tips?

Every week I show you how to nourish your body, inside and out, so you can stress less and have more energy to live the lifestyle you want!

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