Intuitive oracle readings help you to feel more connected to your authentic energy and redirect you where you want to go. Because they help you figure out the potential outcome you would like to see, they offer guidance to help you achieve your goals by helping you gain a better sense of self.

The Moon Deck is an intuitive oracle deck with 44 different cards. There are mantras, insights, and suggested rituals tailored to each card. Infusing Reiki into the reading helps to support the integration of the reading.

You may either bring a specific question to mind or use the reading as a tool for reflection and meditation.

Sessions are offered via Zoom and come with a beautifully designed PDF summary of your reading.

Purchase one of the following readings between Dec. 4 and Dec. 25 and get a Single Card Mantra Affirmation ($25 value) FREE!!*
  • Past ~ Present ~ Future
  • Mind ~ Body ~ Heart ~ Soul
  • 7 Chakras

*Reading must be scheduled by Jan. 31, 2023

If you like to choose a theme for your year like I do, this can be a great tool to help! 

Single Card Mantra Affirmation

This is an empowering ritual in which a single card is pulled. You are invited to meditate on what you receive and repeat the mantra three times. Pepper it throughout your day as needed. If the mantra feels extra powerful for you, feel free to stick with it as long as you’d like. Your mantra will serve as a reminder oft he power of your thoughts and inspire loving inquiry. 

The exchange for this ~15 minute Zoom reading & accompanying PDF summary is $25.


Past ~ Present ~ Future

This is a three card spread that offers insights into the past, present, and future. 


  • Energies and events that are in the past yet still affect you
  • How your past either holds you back (blocks) or helps you move forward (growth)
  • What you need to take from the past and use to your advantage today


  • What is going on for you right now
  • The energy of the present moment
  • Opportunities and challenges that are currently being presented to you


  • Outcome of situation
  • The direction that things seem to be moving in
  • What you are wanting

The exchange for this ~30 minute Zoom reading & accompanying PDF summary is $45. 

Mind ~ Body ~ Heart ~ Soul

This is a four card spread that brings focus and insight and helps clarify emotions and actions. This spread takes a holistic approach with the four individual cards adding up to a full representation of the self. 


  • This card represents logic, reasoning, and your rational side. 
  • What are you thinking? 
  • What is an area of reason you should pay attention to?


  • This card represents health, fitness, sexuality, and activity. 
  • What are you doing? 
  • What is an area of action you should think about?


  • This card represents emotions and love. 
  • What are you feeling? 


  • This card represents creativity, intuition, and spirituality. 
  • What should you focus on for spiritual growth?

The exchange for ~45 minute Zoom reading & accompanying PDF summary is $60.

7 Chakras Reading

This is a seven card spread that will help to deepen your understanding of each chakra and the impact it has on your life. 

The Root Chakra energy is what we need to survive, our security, and how we fit into society.

The Sacral Chakra energy is our connection to others, our connection to our inner joy, home of our inner child, and how we express our creativity and emotions.

The Solar Plexus Chakra energy is our sense of worth and sense of self, how we step into our power and live our soul purpose.

The Heart Chakra energy is how we give and receive love and compassions to others and ourselves.

The Throat Chakra energy is how we speak our truth with discernment and express our authentic selves.

The Third Eye Chakra energy is how we follow our intuition and use our wisdom and awareness to see beyond our five senses.

The Crown Chakra energy is how we connect to the divine, ascend our consciousness, and experience ultimate alignment in our life.

The exchange for this ~75 minute Zoom reading & accompanying PDF summary is $90. 


If you have any questions, please email me at and I’ll be happy to help.

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