Managing Stress to Reduce Anxiety

Managing Stress to Reduce Anxiety: Tips and Strategies Ever find yourself tangled up in a web of stress and anxiety? Trust me, you’re not alone. Many people think that stress […]

A Few Of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things I’m popping in today to share a little extra inspiration in case you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas (or need some inspiration […]

A Simple Technique to Relieve Stress

A Simple Technique to Relieve Stress

Today I want to share a simple technique to help you relieve stress. As we navigate the busy holiday season, this is a great strategy to help you slow down and enjoy every moment.

Three Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

Do you ever struggle with committing to a regular meditation practice?

What about calming your mind?

Keep reading to learn three steps to start a meditation practice!

How to Handle Uncontrollable Thoughts

how to handle uncontrollable thoughts

How to Handle Uncontrollable Thoughts Wondering how to handle uncontrollable thoughts? Uncontrollable thoughts are not actually uncontrollable, but they sure feel like it! You know those intrusive thoughts that come […]

7 Tips to Build Better Mental Resilience

Have you ever experienced bouts of feeling down, like your mind is racing, or even a feeling that you’re generally out of sorts? Have those feelings ever disrupted your life or made you wonder what was going on with you?

When you take care of yourself both physically and mentally, you’ll feel better all over and your life will be more satisfying.

The good news is you can take steps to ensure you enjoy good mental health all of your life. Building greater mental resilience is the first step to improving your mental health.

Four Tips to Ease Stress in Your Life

When you feel stressed, your body goes through a series of hormonal changes. The insulin in your body becomes off balance, as do the levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which in turn can cause a rapid heart rate as well as an increase in your blood pressure. Some other side effects of stress may include bloating, hair loss, and difficulty sleeping. One great tool for managing and reducing stress is to practice self-care. A lot of stressors in our life can be eliminated or decreased by following a simple routine that puts our health and wellness first. Read on for a few tips to help you manage the stress in your life!