Are you stressed and a mess, cool as a cucumber, or somewhere in between?

Get ready to make mind-blowing energy shifts and experience stress releasing results

as you master the art of mindfulness.

        Here’s what you’ll receive when you take The Stress Quiz: 

  • My Stress Protocol with step-by-step strategies on how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your daily life to experience BIG shifts in your stress levels.
  • A Lab Reference Sheet with tips on how to talk with your doctor about stress.
  • Access to my FREE Facebook group to get additional support.

Ready to SHIFT and experience greater PEACE through mindfulness?

Meet Holistic Health Coach Rachel

I became passionate about helping driven women live a more mindful and intentional life when I struggled to manage the demands of my own work-life balance. It left me feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Now, I help women cultivate a balance between body, mind, and spirit using simple and sustainable habits and techniques so that they feel more calm, less stressed, and more in alignment with their purpose and priorities and have more energy to be fully present with their loved ones.

Work with Me

the stress course for women group coaching

Join My Signature Stress Course for Women

Ready to put stress in the rearview mirror? Join my signature course specifically designed for busy women like you. Dive into mindfulness, cultivate balance, and reclaim your well-being in one holistic package!

holistic wellness mindfulness balanced living

Discover Self-Paced Wellness Workshops

Craving a more balanced life but short on time? My self-paced wellness workshops are your answer. Mindfulness is at the heart of everything I teach. Explore at your own pace and achieve the balance you deserve.

yoga mindfulness meditation retreats

Explore Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Whether you’re new to the mat or a seasoned yogi, my classes are all about meeting you where you’re at. From Yoga & Wine to Slow Flow and more, each session offers a harmonious mind-body experience, with mindfulness as our guide.

My Big Bold Promise to You!

It’s my mission to empower the woman who is struggling to juggle it all to reclaim your life. Using an integrated approach, I’ll teach you how to nourish from within and shift your mindset. Stress less, elevate your mood, and find balance—all in just minutes a day. Let’s create the freedom and energy you need to live the lifestyle you desire.

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